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2014 Season Done!

That’s all folks.  New Years Day was the last night for our 2014 Christmas Light Show.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  Pictures and Videos will be posted shortly.


The 2014 Light show has started!

The last couple of weeks have been arduous to say the least, but we’re effectively done and our first Christmas and Holiday light show for 2014 happens Thanksgiving night, November 27th.

Pre-show starts at 5:30pm telling people when the actual show starts.  Lights and music begin at 6pm nightly and run until 11:00pm EST.  Please remember this is a residential neighborhood so be respectful of our Hollywood neighbors.  You can turn into 102.1FM when you’re close to the house to hear the music.  We also have speakers out front again this year.

Since we had such a late start, we will be adding and adjusting things over the next few days.  With that said we hope you enjoy the lights and have a happy holiday season.  More pictures and videos will be posted shortly.


Braving the rain

It’s been a terribly gloomy day here in South Florida with more rain predicted, but that hasn’t held us back.  We’ve been busy adding decorations, locating and mounting controllers and making decent time considering the inclement weather.

Yesterday we completed the rough install of the roof and roofline then managed to run test patterns, which means we’re doing pretty well.  Hopefully if it dries out a bit later we’ll be able to run a wider-scale test.  Our software layout is quite different due to replacing the strips with different pixels.  That’s going to take a few hours to resolve.

So that’s the update.  Lots of good progress with more to come.  BTW we’ve started to post pictures in the Pictures & Video section.  If you haven’t already, check them out ;)


2014 Sneak Peak

If you look at the house it doesn’t look like a great deal of progress is being made, but we’re slowly making headway in our effort to share the holiday joy.  Good news is we finally got the lights we were waiting for so we can put on this year’s show.  The bad news is they are missing some plastic collars that hold diffusers in place :(  Despite the setback we’re moving ahead on various fronts and hope to start showing serious progress over the next week.

The diffuser setback means we won’t be able to put up the mega tree until a couple of days before Thanksgiving.  In the meantime we’ve working on the lights for the new roof outline and just finished the initial build for the new star for our mega tree.  It’s still very rough (LED alignment, missing diffusers, cable ties galore) but we couldn’t wait to give you a sneak peak.  Super pumped to get that puppy fired up.

That’s all for now check back soon for more picture, video and blog posts.


2014 Preparations Underway

The season is upon us! Due to the amount of work involved to setup, run, take down and store the display each year we went back and forth about our ability to successful do a light show again this year. Ultimately decided we couldn’t let Hollywood Florida down, nor would it be the holidays without a wonderful Christmas light display.

Everything is out of storage so this weekend we’ll start unpacking, testing, fixing and organizing all the lights and various elements so that we’re ready to start setup next week.

The end of last year we gave away some older LEDs that were either difficult to maintain or setup. We ordered replacements in hopes to address those concerns and speed installation. For the most part, the display will look similar to last year, with the exception of the roof outline and mega tree star. Both used RGB LED Strips, which weren’t durable and couldn’t hold up to the hot Florida sun. Once replacements arrive we should be able to post more about them.

Unfortunately we’re starting start-up a bit later than usual, but have a few friends who have graciously offered to help. With a bit of luck we’ll have everything ready to power-up Thanksgiving day.

More updates will be posted as we make progress towards our 2014 South Florida Christmas Light and Holiday display.


New Year Countdown

To ring in the New Year we’ve added a special New Years Eve program to our display.  Each hour we’ll announce hours remaining in the New Year.  Once we hit 11pm we’ll announce 45, 30, 15, 10 and 5 minutes then start displaying a clock at 11:59pm.

Happy New Years!


The Big Day is Here

In celebration of Christmas we’ll run the display an hour longer December 24th and 25th.  We run our holiday light show each day from 5:30PM EST until 11PM, however tonight and tomorrow we’ll run until midnight.  New Years Eve night we’ll run until 1AM.  Maybe we’ll try to adding a NYE countdown just before midnight :)

Starting December 26th we’re switching out all of our Christmas themed sequences for programs with modern-day music.  On one hand, it’s said to see the season coming to an end.  On the other, after hearing the same songs over and over each night for the last 28 nights (and counting) we can’t wait to hear anything else :)

If you’ve been  to see the display we hope you enjoyed it.  If you haven’t there’s still a few days.  New Years day will be the time you’ll get to see until next year.


Back online tonight!

We woke up yesterday to a Windows repair issue on the machine used for the show.  First and foremost, the issue has been addressed and we ran an early morning test so we should be ready to go for tonight!  Unfortunately we were knocked offline last night (11/18/2013).  If you came to see the lights we apologize.

It looks like the awesome Samsung SSD (Solid State Drive) we put in the show computer wasn’t so awesome.  We bought it in August and it died yesterday (in about 5 months).  Windows 8 and 8.1 usability issues also contributed to us chasing our tail all day and most of the night.  We swapped out the bad drive for our slow old 5400RPM nightmare then had to do software upgrades, file restores and configuration changes.  In the end a painful process, but we made it through and the show will go on.  Thankfully we do VERY regular backups of all data for our holiday display :)

There will be Christmas lights in Hollywood, Florida tonight!


2013 Videos Added

Here are the first of the 2013 videos showing our Christmas Lights.  We thought we had another decent video of the entire display, but it turned out to be from initial start-up so we’re going to re-record.


2013 Pictures Added

We’ve started to take more video than pictures so updated are slow going.  We’ve added a couple pictures from this year’s build and initial start-up more will follow shortly.

Pictures are located in our picture gallery.