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New Year Countdown

To ring in the New Year we’ve added a special New Years Eve program to our display.  Each hour we’ll announce hours remaining in the New Year.  Once we hit 11pm we’ll announce 45, 30, 15, 10 and 5 minutes then start displaying a clock at 11:59pm.

Happy New Years!


The Big Day is Here

In celebration of Christmas we’ll run the display an hour longer December 24th and 25th.  We run our holiday light show each day from 5:30PM EST until 11PM, however tonight and tomorrow we’ll run until midnight.  New Years Eve night we’ll run until 1AM.  Maybe we’ll try to adding a NYE countdown just before midnight :)

Starting December 26th we’re switching out all of our Christmas themed sequences for programs with modern-day music.  On one hand, it’s said to see the season coming to an end.  On the other, after hearing the same songs over and over each night for the last 28 nights (and counting) we can’t wait to hear anything else :)

If you’ve been  to see the display we hope you enjoyed it.  If you haven’t there’s still a few days.  New Years day will be the time you’ll get to see until next year.


Back online tonight!

We woke up yesterday to a Windows repair issue on the machine used for the show.  First and foremost, the issue has been addressed and we ran an early morning test so we should be ready to go for tonight!  Unfortunately we were knocked offline last night (11/18/2013).  If you came to see the lights we apologize.

It looks like the awesome Samsung SSD (Solid State Drive) we put in the show computer wasn’t so awesome.  We bought it in August and it died yesterday (in about 5 months).  Windows 8 and 8.1 usability issues also contributed to us chasing our tail all day and most of the night.  We swapped out the bad drive for our slow old 5400RPM nightmare then had to do software upgrades, file restores and configuration changes.  In the end a painful process, but we made it through and the show will go on.  Thankfully we do VERY regular backups of all data for our holiday display :)

There will be Christmas lights in Hollywood, Florida tonight!


2013 Videos Added

Here are the first of the 2013 videos showing our Christmas Lights.  We thought we had another decent video of the entire display, but it turned out to be from initial start-up so we’re going to re-record.

2013 Across the Street
2013 Garage Door/Panels
2013 View to the Right

2013 Pictures Added

We’ve started to take more video than pictures so updated are slow going.  We’ve added a couple pictures from this year’s build and initial start-up more will follow shortly.

Pictures are located in our picture gallery.


Lights on 5:30PM

We apologize for neglecting the site, however this is our busiest time of the year.  Be sure to check our Facebook fan page since it’s typically easier for us to post quick updates there.

The display is up and running.  We continue to make programming and other changes but always power-up and start at 5:30pm daily.  Obviously best viewing times are after sunset.  Synchronized music is transmitted on 102.1FM in close proximity to the house and we do have speakers outside.

Pictures and videos should be posted shortly, but there’s nothing like seeing the display firsthand :) Facebook Page


2013 Startup

Hollywood, we have liftoff.  On November 25th, 2013 we flipped the switch on our Christmas Light and Holiday display, it is officially live for the season.  Over the next few days we’ll continue to refine various elements and add new synchronized songs.

For those interested in watching the lights we, we start each night at 5:30pm and are easily accessible from Broward County, Miami and all of surrounding South Florida.


2013 Startup Up

Trees, tubes and Christmas lights in Hollywood

We’re making steady progress toward this year’s Christmas lights and holiday display 2013.  All of the storage containers are down and we’re starting to dig in.

For those looking for the best place to see Christmas lights in Hollywood we’ll certainly be up there this year as we continue add cool new elements and become more and more innovative.  Our goal is not necessarily to be the biggest holiday light show, we just want to make people happy.

We posted a couple of pictures and videos of items we’ve been prototyping.  We’d like to try to keep most under wraps until go-live Thanksgiving week.  Locals may get an early late-night glimpse of some setup, calibration, programming or tests before the big day.  It’s impossible to do so some of this without some level of testing.

Having said that, so far we’ve built a 6 ½’ tall pixel tree, made out of some re-purposed GE Color Effects LEDs we bought many years back.  They’ve been hacked to allow for computer control so they’ll fit right in with the rest of the display.  The other spoiler is we bought 120 LED tubes.  We’re not going to tell you where they are going, but we’ve posted a quick video.  They should add a bit of pop to this year’s display.

Currently we’re in the process of pulling everything out of storage, testing, planning for any required repairs, staging and dreaming up changes to this year’s layout.  Setup will most likely begin early November and run through Thanksgiving week.  It’s possible we may continue to add to the display once it’s running, but our goal is to be 100% done on time.  Let’s hope the schedule holds out :)

Here’s a link to our 2013 Pictures and Videos and if you haven’t already done so, like us on Facebook.  It’s easy to post impromptu pictures, videos and updated there in real-time.  The blog always lags quite a bit.

Until next time!


Dusting off the cobwebs

After a much needed break from all things Christmas we are back!  Expect site updates, new blog entries, pictures and videos from the making of our 2013 Christmas and Holiday Light Show as well as from the finished product.

In previous years we’ve decorated the 46th Street and Madison Avenue sides of the house, however this year we’re contemplating focusing on the front of the house, which will make for a much fuller experience.  We don’t like the thought of naked street front, so nothing it written in stone just yet J

We’ve already started working on a few new elements as well as some quickly thrown together sketches showing possible yard layouts.  Not quite sure what we’re doing just yet, but there will be lots more RGB LEDs, which will hopefully make for our most impressive show ever.

As always we will light up Hollywood, Florida from Thanksgiving through New Years day so if you enjoy Christmas lights, please do stop by!

Here’s a sneak peak of a little project we just started.  What’s 6 ½’ tall and made of PVC?

6 1/2' Pixel Tree

Until next time!


2012 is a wrap!

We’ve successfully completed our 2012 Christmas Light and Holiday display.  We couldn’t be more proud of how well everything came together.  Now we have the unfortunate task of taking everything down, boxing it up and figuring out what we’re going to do with it all.

Before long we’ll certainly be right back at it again, trying to figure out how we’re going to top ourselves with our 2013 display.  We learned some very valuable lessons this year and will certainly apply them to future projects.  Overall we were pretty successful and the majority of the projects we did turned out pretty well.

We have a few more pictures and possibly another video yet to be added.  Those might not be posted until after we take a much needed break.

We humbly thank our neighbors on Madison Street and the surrounding area of Hollywood Hills, Florida.  Without your patients none of this would be possible.  Thanks to everyone who came out!  It’s really great to see how many people stopped by to visit and take pictures.

As always, we look forward to next year.